Amazon Easy Store – All You Need To Know.

Amazon easy store or Amazon Easy Program is an India first initiative service offered by Amazon India Private Ltd that aims to enable small businesses to offer online shopping assistants to tier 3 or tier cities customers. To Simplify the online shopping for those customers who are not that digital savvy, the Easy store offers the very easiest way to shop online with guidance from the third party staff.

Amazon easy store
Amazon Easy Store

The Amazon Easy Store Allows customers to directly order products through an offline amazon easy shop and pick up their product after it is delivered at the shop door step.

What is the Amazon Easy Program?

Amazon’s easy program works to know what customers need and give good products to their customers. Those who don’t want to shop online and who are not able to shop online allow them to shop online and build their trust at online shopping platforms.

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Amazon easy program comes with the aim of expanding online shopping at all locations where people won’t trust or where online shopping isn’t available with amazon easy they build customer base at rural areas and every part of India.

Amazon Easy Store Benefits

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform in the world and now every small entrepreneur wants to work with the world’s largest company. Amazon Easy Store offers multiple benefits to the store owners that brings the quickest way to earn commission directly from amazon stores. 

Amazon Easy has many benefits that includes:

  1. Fixed Commissions: Amazon Easy Offers Fixed commissions on every product you book through amazon easy program portal.
  1. Zero Inventory: You don’t need to manage any inventory in your store, just order products through amazon and the product will be delivered to your doorstep.
  1. Sell Anything: You can sell anything from amazon 16+ crore products, as per your customers needs.
  1. Direct Deals From Amazon: Amazon shares daily deals to your store, with them store owners can boost sales.
  1. Exclusive Offers: Earn Exclusive offers like early launch of mobile phones, Bulk orders etc.
Amazon easy store | Amazon easy program
Amazon easy store

Eligibility and Requirements Of Amazon Easy Store.

  • Minimum 140+ square feet ground floor shop in front of the main road.
  • Above 20+ age people can apply for the amazon easy store.
  • Minimum qualification is 10 passes.
  • Computer, Laptop, monitor screen, Internet Connection for online connectivity.
  • Personal documents like: Aadhaar, PAN Card, Personal Mobile Number, GST, TIN Number etc.

How to become a partner With Amazon Easy?

To register with amazon easy there is few easy steps that you need to follow:

  1. First you want to open an amazon easy store at your shop then you have to register with the official Amazon easy store page.
  1. Fill all the required details in the amazon easy registration page.
  1. After filling the form amazon easy team will verify all your details and they will call you after 3 working days.

Register with Amazon Easy Partners.

To work with the easy way amazon partners with various third parties companies that offer amazon easy franchises with some additional services let’s take a look at these third parties amazon easy Partners.

VOSO Store

Voso store is one of the best and leading low investment franchises in india. With voso store anyone can bring great opportunity at small business they offer multiple franchise services like amazon easy store, BBPS, B2B Travel Booking i.e Flight, Bus, Hotel, B2B Insurance Service, B2B Recharge Portal, PAN Card Services and 10+ Other Services.

Voso store benefits.
  • Reaching Rural Areas.
  • Official partner with amazon, bharat bill pay, etravos travel portal, KMD Insurance service, and many other top companies.
  • 24X7 KAM Support.
  • Personalized Shop Branding.
  • Digital Marketing for shop Online Promotion.
  • Highest Earning.
  • Seamless Transaction.
  • Fastest Services.
How to apply with the VOSO Store Franchise?

Applying for voso store franchise is very easy just visit the official website or call/WhatsApp on 9109854630 or you can also mail at

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Amazon Easy Store Profits?

Amazon gives commission from 1% to 12% on every product you sell amazon apart from this amazon gives bonus from if you registered new customer to amazon which is Minimum 1000 rupees on every unique customer registration.

An Average if you have 30 customers daily in your shop who buys products from 30,000 rupees which is an average of 8% commission that can profit you 2400 rupees daily if we talk about monthly earning that will go upto 50 to 60 thousands per month.

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