Download Battlegrounds Mobile India Now | 5 Games to play after PUBG Mobile Ban (2021)

Hello gamers here we are back with the top 5 games list of games after pubg mobile ban in India if you are still looking for PUBG alternatives and want to play so we already shared step by step guidelines to play PUBG Mobile.

Many gamers are looking for a change after the Indian government bans PUBG last year September and still, there are no official updates from the game developers, so gamers do not worry, there are multiples similar games like PUBG mobile featured like Multiplayer, Battle Royale, Zombie Mod, etc.

1. Call Of Duty Mobile

Pubg alternatives
Source: CODM

Call of duty (CODM) is the most downloaded game after pubg mobile and call of duty is my personal favorite game after and before PUBG, If you ever played any series of call of duty on your PC you will know how awesome characters, Guns, And Mapes this game has and now ACTIVISION also launched the mobile version of the game in 2019.

CODM has everything like pubg mobile like 100 players royale, multiplayer team deathmatch, lots of epic characters, Guns and skins and best about this game is you can play on any budget smartphone who has 2GB of ram it runs smoothly.

Download:  Android | iOS (Free and In-app purchase)

2. Fortnite

In India, 75% of users have Android smartphones Fortnite has an opportunity to grow here but there is one lack point that makes me put this game in Second place and that is Fortnite’s Big download size and smartphone compatibility requirements.

Recently, Google removed the Fortnite app from its play stores but still, you have other options to sideload the game on your smartphone, The main problem with the game is it takes 8GB of storage which is bigger if we talk about budget smartphones.

Fortnite needs high-end devices that have at least 4GB of ram, android 8 and higher, and Mid to Higher end GPU and CPU, If your device runs on a snapdragon 8-Series processor then you’re good to go and a 6-series processor is good to handle fortnite.

Fortnite game is similar to PUBG and CODM Fortnite featured as 100 players battle royale, Multiplayers mod like a team deathmatch, party royale like PUBG’s Cheer park.

This game has High-end graphics which increase the game size, the gameplay is excellent and in terms of gameplay, I would say Fortnite is better than PUBG mobile.

Download:  Android | Samsung Store (Free or In-app purchase)

3. Garena Free Fire

If you can’t afford high-end smartphones and stills want to play a similar game like Pubg mobile then free fire is really made for you guys. The controls for the game are easy and simple to handle but the game has only 10 minutes of battle royale match and you have to play against only 49 players. That was quick and intense gameplay.

free fire pubg
Source: Beebom

Download: Android | iOS (Free or In-app purchase)

4. Pixel’s Unknown BattleGrounds

If you’re a Minecraft lover then you will like this game, The Pixel’s Unknown BattleGrounds is the perfect opportunity to enjoy battle royale fights.

You need to fight against the worth of the enemies and there are tons of guns, AK’s, Pixel guns, SMG’s, and more guns to end the battle.

pixels unknown battle grounds
Source: Beebom

Download:  Android | iOS (Free and In-app purchase)

5. Fau-G (Fearless and united Guards) For Indian gamers.

The most awaited game from India Fau-G recently launched by ncore games on January 26, In Fau-G you’re playing the roleplay of an Indian soldier who is searching for their friends in the galwan valley.

The game is pretty easy and simple, the game has extreme fistfights with kicks and handmade mele, Hindi dialogues are awesome I really like the dialogues Fau-G currently available for android, and it’s an early access release so we can expect from ncore developers.

fau g gameplay 696x391 1

Download: Android (Free and In-app purchase)

Final words

These are the top 5 pubg mobile alternatives to play while pubg mobile isn’t coming to India again. I hope you guys like my list about the game and if I miss something do write a comment below and suggest to me what I have to write all your suggestions are welcome.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is Here

Battlegrounds Mobile India
Battlegrounds Mobile India

Today Krafton released the early access version of India’s PUBG Mobile game to the closed beta, but the closed beta reached the maximum number of users. But you can download it from here from the below links.

WhatsApp Image 2021 06 17 at 11.37.34 AM 3
WhatsApp Image 2021 06 17 at 11.37.34 AM
WhatsApp Image 2021 06 17 at 11.37.34 AM 1

Download Battlegrounds Mobile India APK

Download Battlegrounds Mobile India OBB (remove the .zip from the file name)

Download battlegrounds India APK + OBB
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