NordVPN – The Safe & Best VPN Service in India

The Indian government continually blocks multiple websites, online services, and mobile apps. After banning this you can’t access websites and online services like, Streamable, Proxy sites, and many more. If you want to visit those sites and want to use blocked websites and mobile apps, you need the best VPN service in India that helps you to access those websites securely and also you can access location-wise restricted content.

Best VPN Service in India
NordVPN – Best VPN Service in India

Netflix and Prime Video certainly restricted some movies and series in India. To watch such movies you will need the Best VPN services in India that can unblock Netflix content for you. The main reason to use best VPN in India is to protect your privacy and prevent hacking while surfing the Internet.

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The use of the best VPN in India is constantly growing after such restrictions in the country and now a big amount of internet users in India use the best VPN for windows and Android. If you are not a part of those users then you might want to change that 

Key Takeaways to Use Best VPN In India:

  1. You can use VPN if you want to unblock restricted content from outside of India such as Netflix movies, series, or browse the internet privately.
  1. NordVPN is the best VPN service in India with the highest server location and best speed to surf the Internet Anonymously. 
  1. VPN protects from government surveillance while surfing the internet freely.
NordVPN 10th Birthday Offer | Best VPN service in India
NordVPN 10th Birthday Offer

The Top Best VPN Service In India

I have researched completely on the top best VPN service in India. I have paid for different VPN services and measured their speed, tested their privacy leaks, and tested features, and then finalized the best VPN that can be the best and worthy to buy the best VPN in India.

List of Best VPN in India

  1. NordVPN – India’s Best VPN Service for Speed and Security.
  1. Surfshark VPN – Best VPN to bypass your region without discovering a proxy.
  1. ExpressVPN – Best premium VPN with excellent customer reviews in India.
  1. IPvanish VPN – Best VPN for cross-platform support and all-around trustworthiness in India VPN.
  1. CyberGhost VPN – Maximum number of VPN servers in India best for streaming HD content without fluctuation in speed.


Best VPN Service in India

NordVPN is one of the best VPNs in India, NordVPN is a strong VPN for streaming online content that keeps your online activity private. NordVPN appears in our list of best VPNs in India for several reasons. 

One of the first reasons is they are based in Panama City which is a good location for VPNs. Apart from that NordVPN has an enormous number of servers in many countries. In India, they have 4 servers which are great for Indian users. 

With strong encryption and special servers including Onion over VPN, Useful Kill Switch, and double VPN service you can roam and stream online content safely and also keep your data safe. 

Best VPN service in India
Dark Businesses NordVPN Infographic

Keys Of NordVPN That Makes It Best.

  1. NordVPN has a large number of servers among other VPN providers; they have 5300+ servers in many countries.
  1. With great security, Nord becomes the best VPN service provider in India.
  1. It provides DNS leak protection so your data is safe.
  1. It is the fastest VPN service to provide lag-free streaming.
  1. It provides double VPN protection for torrenting.
  1. NordVPN delivers IPv6 leak protection.
  1. You can unblock YouTube TV, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and streaming services.
  1. Supported cross-platform Linux, windows, ios, and Android.
Best VPN service in India | Avoid Weak Password
Avoid Weak Password | NordVPN

Key Highlighted Features Of NordVPN

  • Stay secure on the Internet.
  • Fastest VPN – Don’t need to sacrifice for the Internet.
  • No Logs Policy – NordVPN doesn’t track, collect or share private data.
  • Blocks Malware & viruses – avoid infected websites and trackers.
  • High Privacy – Protect your online life with next-generation encryption protection.
  • Multi-factor authentication to secure all Nord accounts.
  • Kill Switch protects your data from being exposed.
  • Dedicated IP to stay connected to Gmail and other accounts.
  • Cover your browsing history to yourself with the Mask IP feature.
  • Onion Over VPN – Extend internet protection with Onion Routing.
  • Browser Extension – Low-weight browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge To secure yourself on the go.
  • 24X7 Nord Support.
Best VPN service in India
What Google Know About You | Best VPN service in India

How NordVPN Can Benefit You?

The benefits of VPN are assorted. VPN advantage begins with user privacy, cybersecurity, and user experience. Our lots of visitors are wondering if VPN is safe to use in India? And the answer is using a VPN in India is safe if you use it for security. Digital activities give you more security and reliance on unprotected public wifi connections.

VPN is a necessary tool for any organization. A VPN can protect business remote teams and secure private networks from cyber threats.

To Avoid Censorship 

India restricted most of the sites to visit in that case VPN can help you to visit those sites freely without any tracking. NordVPN gives simple access to whatever content you like from anywhere in the world NordVPN has various server locations you can choose to visit and watch.

For Online Banking Security 

Online fraud and scams are too generous in India’s daily. Many online scams happened to avoid such conspiracy. NordVPN can prevent you with double VPN and Onion routing service you are safe to do online transactions.

Always Stay Anonymous

Eventually, one of the quoted reasons for using VPN is to hide the online presence and being Anonymous while browsing. There are numerous reasons to hide the online presence when surfing the Internet. VPN covers your presence and hides your location from the Internet. With a VPN you can stay on the internet without showing your digital footprints.

Best VPN in India Infographic | Nord VPN
Best VPN in India – NordVPN

Final Words

Assessing the Indian administration regularly issues bans and limitations on special websites and services online, it is a fair tose best VPN in India. VPN is used to protect personal data from online threats it gives multiple layers of security but sometimes VPNs are also been wounded by salt personalities it is rare not because of VPN but of some server vulnerabilities. 

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