Top Chrome Extensions for Netflix To Use Like A Pro in 2022

We cannot believe a life without Netflix; it would be depressing if there were no Netflix. Interesting, you can do a lot more with your Netflix subscription other than just binge-watching Stranger Things, Money Heist, or other Netflix Shows. With unique Chrome Extensions for Netflix, you can make customise shortcuts, add IMDb ratings, Skip Intros Automatically, and a lot more.

Chrome extensions for netflix
Chrome Extensions For Netflix

Hardcore Netflix streamers know the struggle is real; to end the conflict between binge-watcher and Netflix, We have 5 Chrome Extensions for Netflix that will make your “Netflix and Chill Experience much better and more enjoyable.

The Vast and constant updating library of Netflix shows and movies has something for everyone. At the same time, you’re a subscriber of Netflix and using it to kill time, so why not use Google Chrome Extensions for Netflix to Enhance the watching experience.

5 Best Chrome Extensions For Netflix to Install in 2022

You may be looking for a helpful feature like Rotten Tomatoes & IMDb ratings for each film and show you want to enjoy with your friends and family without leaving your comfy space. There are tons of Netflix extensions for streaming, but we have organised a list of the best Chrome Extensions for Netflix that can boost your Netflix binge-watching experience. 

I recommend you bookmark this page to come back again whenever you need to install a different Netflix extension. Kindly use the table down to fast navigate via the list and find the extension of your preference.

Picture-in-Picture Extension (by Google)

Are you feeling bored while working? Here is a smart way to watch Netflix without knowing anyone. The Picture in Picture Extension by Google This Google Chrome extension for Netflix works on any OTT platform like Disney+ Hotstar, Prime Video, Youtube Etc. This Picture in Picture extension creates a small pop-up window for the content you are playing.

netflix extension Pip

Picture in picture extension by Google allows you to enjoy your favourite movie or show while working on your Laptop or Computer simultaneously. Additional, you can drag the small pop-up window to any corner of the screen. Also, you can resize the picture in picture window size as per your need. If you do a tedious job, it is one of the best Chrome Extensions for Netflix and other streaming platforms.

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Netflix Extended

As the name suggests, Netflix Extended brings many add-ons for your Netflix settings. By default, Netflix provides a few keyboard shortcuts like (M) to Mute the Audio and (Up/Down) arrow keys to lower and higher the volume. But with this Netflix Extended extension, you do more with keyboard shortcuts such as:

N – Next Episode

B – Previous Episode

Esc – Returns to Netflix Home.

R – Play Random Show or Movie.

Netflix extended chrome extension for netflix

A few of the noteworthy features of this Chrome extension for Netflix is like content ratings and review aggregator websites like rotten Tomatoes and IMDb ratings.

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Teleparty Chrome Extension

No one wants to leave comfy places. How would you like to watch a Netflix show without living at home? Isn’t it interesting? Teleparty Chrome Extension, formerly known as the Netflix party, is the best and most helpful Chrome extension for Netflix. This tool lets you sync and plays any movie or show with your friends and family. While you can chat with them simultaneously, you just need the extension and an active Netflix subscription account.

Teleparty chrome extension

After installing the extension to your Chrome browser, you have to open a movie or show and click on the Teleparty chrome extension icon from the extension tab. Then allow all the necessary permissions, and you’re done to go.

The Teleparty chrome extension will open a chat window on the right side of the Netflix screen, click on the chrome extension icon again and copy and share the link with your friends and family. This extension also works for other streaming platforms like Disney+, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, HULU etc.

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Netflix Categories

Netflix has a vast video library you can watch for plenty of years; you might already know that there are many hidden categories on Netflix. Netflix sub-categories each movie and TV Shows in micro-genres like Martial Arts Movies, Sci-fi, Historical documentaries and many more. You can either the secret code for Netflix genres in the URL manually or find the list of Netflix categories here. (replace the ### with genre code).

Or use the Netflix categories extension to bypass the monotonous task.

Netflix categories

This Netflix category Extension has recognised more than 27k hidden Netflix categories and lists them as user-friendly. You can click on the extension or search for what you are looking for in new content on Netflix. The developer of this Chrome Extensions for Netflix has also created Android and iOS applications to browse the genres on your smartphones. 

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Netflix AutoSkip

If you binge-watch your favourite Netflix Movies and Shows and don’t want to break the flow, This Chrome Extension for Netflix will serve you well. This Netflix Extension is simple to use and has only two essential features. It lets you skip the series Intros and recaps and the next episode countdown. Therefore, You can jump directly to the next episode without breaking your rhythm.

Netflix chrome extensions

Click on the Netflix AutoSkip icon in the Chrome extension tab to access the settings. Then toggle the switch to the right for the option you want to enable. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Netflix extension free?

Above all, the listed Chrome Extensions for Netflix are free of cost; you can install them on Google Chrome Web Store.

How do I download the Netflix Party extension?

To download Teleparty Chrome Extension, formerly known as Netflix party, from Google Chrome Web Store, and it is free to use, you just need a Netflix Active subscription account to watch movies and TV Shows.

Is Teleparty malware?

Netflix Teleparty is malware-free and safe to install in the chrome browser. You can only access the “Party” if you have that Teleparty Invitation link, and it Uses end-to-end encryption.

Binge-Watch With Best Chrome Extensions for Netflix

Netflix keeps testing new features to avoid dependency on such third parties extensions. Above listed best chrome extensions for Netflix could supplement your entertainment dosage if you watch Netflix on a PC. Those Extensions and their similar extensions are freely available on Google Chrome Web Store. You can try it by yourself and let me know in the better comment box, and if you know of some excellent Netflix chrome extensions that I missed on this list, Do let me know. I will cover that extension following the Netflix tips and tricks blog.

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