Efficient Buying Guide For Best Lawn Mowers in 2021

Whether it is a tiny patch of grass in your garden or acres of lawn areas, you will need a proper best lawn mowers in 2021 to work your way for better, thick carpet quality. Owning the right one not only ensures that you get a more lively house front but also contributes to the overall curb appeal in return.

But then, with change being the only constant in today’s date, the standard mowers have also evolved extensively in terms of design, style, performance, and features that sorting out the best combination for your machine can be exhausting no matter if you are a new-comer, or a pro lawn Care enthusiast. So to help you save all the hassle, here is a practical guide for buying the best lawn mowers for your lawn in 2021.

Understanding About The Different Types of Lawn Mowers

Before you put your hard-earned money on the table, it is crucial to understand what are the different types of lawn mowers that exist in the market and the pros and downsides of each one depending on your needs and to suit your convenience. Let’s have a brief look at each one of them.

I. Depending On The Overall Handling Style, Design, & Technology

Lawnmowers come in three different designs and handling styles, namely the hand-held, walk-behind, and ride-on mowers, besides the new handling-free robotic lawnmowers as the fourth choice.

1.   Hand-Held Lawnmowers

These are compact designed mowers that are quite light in weight with ease of maneuverability to be operated with one hand. They come with rotary blades and an extended handlebar that makes it great in picking up the tight corners and uneven spots for mowing.

The downside of these models is that they are not acceptable for large-sized gardens unless you plan to invest in a couple of hours, and a lot of fuel. Considering this, these types of mowers can find a spot in your garage if you own a small backyard or lawn area (~150 to 200 m2).

2. Walk-Behind Lawnmowers

lawn mowers in 2021

As the name goes, these types of lawnmowers are operated by pushing from behind as the cutting blade and machine is rested on a steady base with wheels to move it around. All you have to do is steer your way across the landscape. These types of mowers can quickly mow upto 500m2 to 800m2 area in a few minutes. But then, a lot depends on their power, and cutting width as going for more extensive options means compromising with ease of moving the machine, making it difficult to pick up tight corners and spots.

On the contrary, the manual walk behind one can be an excellent choice for your compact lawn if you enjoy the fragrance of fresh-cut grass and love to walk barefoot on a healthy lawn.

3. Ride-On Mowers

black lawn mower

These are heavy-duty lawnmower models that usually come with a 600 to 800 mm cutting width that’s ideal for big yards and large garden areas (of up to 1000m2 or more).

In contrast to the walk-behind models, which also offer larger cutting width), these mowers are quite easy to go with and even help you save a lot of time and calories with the ride-on feature. The fuel tank size and run time is also another factor that gives these models an upper hand when it comes to mowing large carpet areas in a single run.

4. Robotic Mowers

Robotic lawn mower in garden

These compact mowers are a time-saving solution and significant investment for automatic mowing work. Once programmed to understand the lawn size and boundary, you can set it free to operate where the machine will itself handle every corner of the garden, and deliver you an evenly cut grass all across. However, there are few downsides, one being its limitation to being useful for only small lawn sizes, while the other being the excessive price tag that comes with it. Besides, these are not compatible with grass collection features such as grass bags and boxes.

II. Depending On The Cutting System

Understanding the cutting system of your lawnmower that you are going to purchase is vital in order to match it with the quality of the grass-cut that you want. In this category, the two variants that exist are –

1.   Lawnmowers with Cylindrical (Reel) Blade Cutting System

These mowers have 5 to 12 blades in a cylindrical pattern similar to that you see in the primitive versions. However, improved material quality still makes them a top choice if high-end maintenance of fine-cut grass is concerned as they work swiftly in cleaning short and mid-length grass to a beautiful cut. More the number of blades, the better the cut is. These models are demanding in terms of maintenance and also dont handle long-lengthed grass well.

2. Lawnmowers with Rotary Cutting System

These types of lawnmowers come with a single blade that rotates horizontally at the axis of the ground. This type of cutting system is readily available in lawnmowers and are readily adaptable for all grass types no matter small or long.

3. Hover Lawnmowers

Hover mowers also carry the rotary blade system that works on propelling function and is yet another solution for people who want a mower to work on asymmetrical landscapes with patchy, wavering, or peaky areas. They work best for small gardens.

III. Depending on the Power Source

The choice of power source can influence factors like runtime management, portability, and the overall maintenance of the machine. Besides the manual versions, lawnmowers are powered using electricity, or gasoline.

1.   Electric-Powered Lawnmowers

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Lawnmowers with electric power options come in two variants – the corded and the cordless. While the corded ones suffer the limitation of being usable for small-sized lawns at the length of the cord plays a significant role, the battery-powered cordless lawnmowers work great to overcome this drawback. However, one needs to be careful with the overall runtime, power, and effectiveness. If choosing this variant, make sure you pack an additional battery to cover up more significant areas without spending rounds for the battery charge-up.

2. Gasoline Powered Lawnmowers

Electric lawn mower

Gas-powered lawnmowers are exceptional in terms of mechanical power output delivery. They are a common feature often seen in heavy-duty mowers such as the ride-on versions. These machines, however, can be a bit typical when it comes to machinery and maintenance, as these regular demand servicing from time to time. The support also depends on the type of engine you use ( the two-stroke or the four-stroke), the frequent oil spills and leaks can be a little bit of trouble with these machines, so you will have to take care of these things as well when opting for gas-powered lawnmowers.

Other Factors & Features to Look For

While you have sorted out the information on the various types of lawnmowers available, you also need to identify the specific requirements, the features that you need, and the other factors that can affect your choice. The important ones among them are discussed below-

Lawn Size

The first & foremost thing you need to measure is realizing the size of your lawn, and what type will fit in best, besides other general facts. A mismatch in the lawn size and your choice of mowers can be quite painful both in terms of time and cost. A ride-on tractor size won’t work for your compact lawn. Similarly, a small robotic lawnmower or the hand-held ones won’t serve well for big-sized gardens on the other hand.

The Cutting-Type You Want in Your Mower

There are three different grass cutting types you will generally observe with lawnmowers, and these are mulching, bagging, or side discharging.

Mulch-functioning works the best when you want the least wastage in terms of grass clippings, and want a natural means to dispose of the waste. The mulching ratio defines how compact-sized the excerpts is after cutting. Mowers that possess a mulcher often carry a grass bag or a box to store the clippings and ease up the disposal. This also comes in handy in your plan for using the clippings for other work such as vermicompost.

Side-dischargers are considered a better option if you want the cuttings to dispose off the garden itself. This can be an effective way of regulating the overall nutrient content if regular mowing is concerned.

Cutting Width & Cutting Height

Cutting width and cutting height determine the overall width of grass that you cut at a time and the altitude upto which you trim it, respectively. Lawnmowers offer different types of cutting height and cutting width settings with the variation of 20-60mm in terms of height, and 300mm to 800mm width, depending on the mower type. The width also affects the overall maneuvering and handling of the machine, so this factor can also change your choice.

Additional Rollers

Rollers facilitate the overall mowing process by delivering a professional finish to your garden. Rollers work great for the soil & grass integrity and offer more strength to it, making it last longer and better in terms of overall quality. This is another feature that you would if looking for the best lawnmower for your yard.

Since you are going to be using the lawnmower for the coming years, it is crucial that you do not compromise to its quality, and avoid the cheaper options. Best would be to ask a couple of experts in your touch about the grass-type, compare different products, and find what comforts and works for you.

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