Enable Chrome Flags To Improve Browsing Experience | Best Flags Chrome Android (2021)

Enable Chrome flags to improve the browsing experience. Yes, you heard right, Google Chrome is one the best and popular internet browsers and it’s known for simplicity and speed other than this do you know chrome has lots of tools and features under the hood. This testing experimental feature can be accessed with Chrome Flags.

Enable Chrome Flags

I also enable chrome flags in my laptop chrome browser or also in chrome browser for android and I admire the chrome flags they can boost the browsing experience and tweak the user interface.

Chrome Flags are an experimental feature that the google chromes team is currently working on but that feature is available for only testing purposes if they found it perfect then they will include it on the final version of the google chrome browser.

Caution: Chrome flags are experimental features some of the features may spoil your experience.

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How to Enable Chrome Flags to Improve Browsing Experience.

Getting started with how to enable chrome flags in Windows, Android, macOS, Linux, or Chrome OS. Just type “chrome://flags” in the Google Chrome browser address bar on windows, android, macOS and press Enter. That will bring you the chrome flags page, You will see their list of features that the chrome browser has available.

Is Enabling Chrome Flags Safe?

Chrome flags are usually not too buggy or unstable; they are closed to final release, But some can be. Don’t worry that they can be easily disabled. To disable go to the chrome flags page and find the experimental chrome flag that you want to disable also you can reset the chrome flags to go back with the default settings.

Global Chrome Flags

Global Enable Chrome flags that can work on cross-platform like android, windows, macOS, Linux, and Chrome OS.

Parallel Downloading

For people who want faster downloading speed enabling this chrome, flags may faster your downloading speed, To enable chrome flags to search “Parallel downloading” and the enable the flag, This flag accelerates downloads speed by breaking the files into smaller chunks.

Enable Chrome Flags Parallel Downloading

Smooth Scrolling

Smooth Scrolling as the name says improves the scrolling experience on your mobile and desktop devices. By searching smooth scrolling you can enable chrome flags smooth scrolling reduces the janks and jitters results increase your scrolling experience this flag works across platforms.

Enable Chrome Flags Smooth Scrolling

Password Import

Google chrome has offered to import passwords from another competitive browser this flag enables the feature. After enabling go to the settings -> passwords and tap the “3 dots” to see the import option.

Enable Chrome Flags Password Import

Quieter Notification

Notifications become the most disturbance on google chrome, every website sends unnecessary notifications permission prompts a dialog box to allow the notification. But this flag blocked the notification prompt completely. 

Enable Chrome Flags Quieter Notifications

Reading List

If you are the kind of person who reads lots of articles, blogs on the internet now chrome offers you to save the articles to read later after enabling this flag you will see a new bookmark option to save all articles that you want to read later.

Enable Chrome Flags Reading List

Mobile Chrome Flags

Enabling chrome flags on mobile is pretty much the same as windows and other platforms and chrome also have many experimental features on mobile phones, let’s check it out.

Dark Mode

Chrome has a dark mode hiding under the chrome flags. You can now activate dark mode on all websites to enable chrome flags to search “Force Dark Mode For Web Contents” and after a soft restart, you can see a new option under setting -> Theme -> Dark.

Flags Chrome Android Dark Mode

Incognito Screenshots

You have noticed that Incognito mode in the chrome browser doesn’t allow you to take a screenshot to protect privacy even though there is also an ability to take screenshots in incognito mode by enabling the incognito screenshot flag in the chrome browser.

Flags Chrome Android Incognito Screenshot

Ephemeral Preview Tab

Enabling this chrome flag lets you open the hyperlink in a preview tab. It is just like peeking on a webpage without opening it. 

Flags Chrome Android Ephemeral Preview Tab

Chrome Share Screenshots

Chrome 91 for android rolling out the flag that can enable the share screenshots tool the share menu on chrome for android, once you enable this flag you can see the take screenshot option within the share menu, this tool also edit the screenshot before sharing it.

Flags Chrome Android Chrome Screenshots Share

Desktop Chrome Flags

Pull to Refresh Gesture

I personally liked this flag. It’s pretty handy to refresh the webpage on chrome by just swiping down on the trackpad.

Enable Chrome Flags Pull To Refresh

Enable Reader Mode

Safari Browser has an amazing readers mode while chrome doesn’t have it yet, however, Google chrome hides this feature in Chrome Flags, But it can be enabled by searching “Enable Reader Mode” This Flag helps you to simplify the web page and removes the unnecessary ads. 

Enable Chrome Flags Readers Mode

Show Autofill Predictions

Google Chrome makes filling forms easier because nobody likes filling the same things again and again in the forms. This flag can do all your autofill forms for you after enabling this flag.

Enable Chrome Flags Show Auto Predictions

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Final Words

If you are a regular Chrome user and want to improve your browsing experience then enabling chrome flags might be useful for you. There are more google chrome flags under the hood you should check yourself and try. Since a lot of Chrome flags are still under testing we suggest you use them under caution using such flags you could lose browser data or compromise your security and privacy.

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