Games Like Summertime Saga Top Five Play In 2022

Did you like Summertime Saga? Are you searching for similar games like Summertime Saga; then google landed you on the right page; here, we are going to talk about the best games like summertime saga to play on your PC and Android phones.

You are here because you played Summer Time saga once in your life, and most of you will agree that Summertime Saga is one of the most engaging and realistic dating simulators game. Besides the game’s main interests, Summertime Saga has an Interesting Story and Gripping plotlines, glamorous and layered characters and some beautiful designs to play through.

Furthermore, Summertime has multiple endings, meaning you can repeatedly play the summertime saga without losing interest. Since you are looking for alternatives to Summertime Saga, it looks like you have already played all endings.

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Summertime Saga News

Dark Cookies, the developer of the Summertime Saga, has continuously updated the game’s status and is currently working on new character scenes and features and gameplay improvements. You can check the current status on the official website; also, see the image below.

Games like summertime Saga
Summertime Saga August Update

Summertime Saga New Update

As you have seen on the above screenshot status slate, they have been working on numerous updates. The major update is Tech Update, and the developer is currently in this enormous update; I hope they will deliver the final release by the end of September; before that, they will release the Pre-tech – Part 5 update, which will release at the end of the August month.

What’s New In Pre-Tech Part 5

Dark Cookies Developer of Summertime Saga posted a piece of news a while ago, mentioned they have been working on the last pre-tech update, and will now wrap up this content. After this, they will focus on significant Tech updates.

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What’s New in the Summertime Saga Latest Version?

  • It will be the last batch of scenes released before the Major Tech Update.
  • 7 Animated Scenes contained for the warehouse characters.
  • Three main characters who have scenes will not be able to carry babies yet but will later.

Five Games Like Summertime Saga

Now, it’s time to enjoy games like the summertime saga you are eagerly waiting for. These Summertime saga alternatives are something similar and different at the same time. I have found five games similar to Summertime saga that you would love almost as much.

My Cute Roommate

You are a male protagonist, and your high school is over, and now you are thinking about the future; you need to pick a good college for this. You need the help of your roommate, landlord, guardian and cousin, who will help you find a new job. That’s when your life changes; you are diagnosed with a mysterious illness, and to cure the illness, they’re the only way.

My cute roommate is one of my favourite games, like the summertime saga; while this game has high graphics that seem realistic, the story is much better. This game has some inner missions that you need to finish.

Sisterly L*st

Do not get tricked by the corny name of this game, as it has everything that you are thinking. Sisterly Lust has a similar story game to Summertime Saga. The game has a huge fan base among women and men for its suspense, twist and turns. 

The game starts with the main protagonist’s father losing a custody battle. The mother gets custody of two sisters while the father gets the main protagonist character.

University Of Problems

An ordinary mail protagonist from a middle-class family unexpectedly gets admission to one of the best universities in the country. He got many opportunities, constant parties, attractive girls, and freedom of choice. But everything is not that easy.

Games Like Summertime Saga
University Of Problems Games Like Summertime Saga

University of Problems is one of my favourite games, like Summertime saga; it has better visuals, storyline, Gameplay, and UI-UX. I will recommend you to try this game after any of them.


Games like Summertime Saga are visual novels where your decisions make future circumstances, and melody game is a stunning visual novel and one of the best alternatives to try. This Melody game is the FP (First Person) visual novel game with some great graphics and visuals that make this dating simulator play more extreme. 

You play the male protagonist character, a musician in a new town across the country, and his new chapter starts when he meets a new women character in the store who wants him to teach music to her niece, Melody.

Dual Family

Similar to Summertime Saga, Dual Family is of the more intense and engaging story-driven games like summertime saga. This Dual Family game revolves around a couple with a Son and A Daughter, and their relationship is a headache for them.

You can play as Son or Father and decide to drive the whole family’s life. The game is exciting and creates some interesting events. Dual Family is also one of the most extended visual novels on this list, so you’ll have to be forbearing.

Final Words

Above all, games like Summertime Saga are tested and played by an individual, and I like the above-listed game I play even after now. 

Caution: The above-listed games and visual novels are recommended to play above the 18+ age group. All games only have explicit content for a mature audience, and greet Yourself doesn’t encourage or support.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How big is the Summertime Saga APK?

Summertime Saga APK has 800+ Mb of size, and it is easily playable on any Android device.

How do I download Summertime Saga games?

You can download the Summertime Saga game by visiting their official website.

Is Summertime Saga an offline game?

Yes, This game is an offline game.

How long will it take to finish Summertime Saga?

On average, it takes 14 Hours and 30 Minutes To Complete The Main Story Of the Summertime Saga.

How Many Games Like Summertime Saga Games Available?

There are many games like the summertime saga available that you can play; I have listed the top 5 games that I played and liked.

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