Color Up your boring WordPress theme to Google Material Design Plugin for WordPress

Most of the people already experienced material design in the Android operating system also in Android apps, while other side web adoption is limited. A new google material design plugin for WordPress, Google calls it Experiment project, The google experiment possibly gives you a new look to your WordPress website.

Google material design plugin for wordpress

The Official material design plugin for WordPress. Lends you to customize your website’s navigation, Color, Typography, and Shapes, In Material design components you can choose 1000 google fonts and materials icons, Big thanks for google’s open-source design system.

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You can download and install a new material design plugin for WordPress it’s already available in the WordPress plugin store, you’ll need a business level plan to install in your

After the plugin is installed you can choose between four styles that Google offers in the material design for WordPress or you can make your custom material design for yourself.

Option Included in New Google Material design plugin for WordPress

  1. Four Preset color themes also you can customize it as you want.
  2. Typography from google fonts.
  3. Shape Size (corner roundedness) like android apps.
  4. Icon style (filled, two-toned, outlined, rounded, and sharp).
  5. The top app can be customizable in the materials plugin to determine whether the search is enabled or disabled.
  6. Post archive also is customized now with image options.
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In this plugin, you can create a material layout for specific pages also in the contact forms, the button is also customized with custom text and an icon shape selection from the google library.

This plugin is in the early experimental phase it doesn’t require any coding to customize site pages; it works well with the WordPress block editor.

Installation Instructions:

  1. If you have hosted a WordPress site you can download it from the plugin store.
  2. If you don’t have a hosted site in this case you need a business-level plan to install in your site.
  3. Go to your admin panel in your WordPress dashboard and click on the plugin menu.
  4. Click on add new plugin.
  5. Search for material design plugin for WordPress.
  6. Click on install now and activate the plugin.
  7. Follow the step-by-step process to install the material design on your website.
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