Google Photos Alternatives | Google Photos Ends Unlimited Free Storage (2021)

Google Photos Alternatives | Greet Yourself

Google Photos is one of the best photos services by google but sadly google is ended free storage backup from today 1st June. now every photo backup count on 15 Gb of data that google giving you for Gmail and drive after google ends many users trying to find google photos alternatives for their next backup storage.

For those who looking for the best free google photos alternatives here, good news there are already alternatives in the market but keep note those aren’t worth it that none of them offer the same feature set and required paid membership at least.

Google Photos Alternatives

Amazon Photos

Google Photos Alternatives | Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos is a newly launched product by Amazon for those who love truly unlimited storage if you are an Amazon Prime Member then you already opt it, you just need to download the app and you are ready for prime members amazon offers 5GB of storage just for photos and videos but you have to pay if you need more, also they have a keyword search feature but sadly they aren’t good at google. But you are able to save photos of original quality. Currently, Amazon Photos isn’t available for India but will available soon.

Key features of Amazon Photos

  1. Prime Members Can Store Full Unlimited High-Resolution Photos.
  2. Automatic Sync Backup and Secure Encrypted Photos and Videos.
  3. Easily Access on any Devices Cross-Platform Available.
  4. Easily Order Photo Prints, Wall Decor, Table Top Within The App.
  5. Affordable Price 100GB storage at 1.99 USD Month.

Get: Amazon Photos

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Google Photos Alternative | Dropbox

Dropbox is a very famous cloud storage service after google drive and competitive google photos alternatives it also automatically syncs all your photos and videos for free users Dropbox offers 2GB of cloud storage. It also gets third parties integration features like slack, zoom, and other productivity services.

Dropbox is worth it for business-related users you may not use dropbox to store kid pictures because additional storage data is more expensive than others.

Key Features of dropbox

  1. Get Productivity third parties integration with Dropbox plan.
  2. Password and vault security.
  3. Share files with anyone 
  4. Easy backup and easily available anywhere.

Get: Dropbox

Microsoft OneDrive

Google Photos Alternatives | OneDrive

OneDrive is popular for business users due to its Microsoft Office integration and its also worthy google photos alternatives. OneDrive is available on Android, PC, Mac, and its also automatically sync photos and videos from your computer or mobile phone just like google photos it can also tag photos with keywords.

The Free version of OneDrive Offer 5GB of data for paying $2 for the month you can get 100GB of additional data storage and Microsoft 360 users can get 1TB of data storage by paying $7 per month and $70 for a year.

Key Features of Microsoft OneDrive

  1. Personal Vault to secure or hide photos with a Pin code.
  2. Document Scanning to store personal documents, business cards, receipts, etc.
  3. Easily Available on any device.
  4. Share photos and documents with friends and family.

Get: Microsoft OneDrive

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Google Photos Alternatives | Flickr

Flickr is a very old cloud storage service but fewer people know that Flickr also gives unlimited photo storage Flickr is very popular among photographers and professionals it is a great use for everyday users and also offers high-quality photos.

Flickr App can automatically sync photos from computers or mobile phones you can set password-protected photos and videos from everyone’s eyes. With a free basic plan, you can get 1000 photo storage plans but with money, they can go to an unlimited storage plan with $7 in a month or $60 for years.

Get: Flickr

Final Words

Google photos stopped free unlimited storage but still, you can 15 Gb of storage data per google account but it’s count on all google services like Drive, Gmail, Photos, etc. Those Google photos alternatives are very popular in the market but they cant beat google photos in terms of features and services yet. But the now scenario is changed after google stopped free service let the user use them for a while and let you decide which are the best google photos alternatives.

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