GTA India Download | GTA India APK Download For Android (2022)

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GTA India Download
GTA India Download

GTA India is based and set in Mumbai, India where the main protagonist roams around the city freely and steals cars, auto rikshaw, and lots of guns to choose from in the GTA India Game.

GTA India Download For Android: The best version of GTA SA that is GTA India for Android is now available for all gamers with the new update of 7.0. Here in this article, we will know the updated features of GTA 5 Mobile.   

In childhood, we played lots of GTA games, But now it’s time to play GTA India for Android. GTA India is compatible with Android devices running 5.0 or newer. The GTA game is compatible with all android mobile devices. 

GTA Game may also be played on a PC with more awesome visuals and Graphics You should Play GTA India if You are an Indian. In This Game, You Will Notice the Indian Culture and Environment Like Indian Cars, Motorbikes, Trucks, Tractors, Hoardings, Rikshaw, and Much More.

GTA India or GTA 5 download for Android Is Situated in the Same World as India it was built with Android users in Mind.

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GTA India Download

If you download GTA India you may notice many new things and discover new places In GTA India Download For Android because this game mod of GTA San Andreas and a mixture of Indian environments like Monument, Indian face people, weather, etc. 

GTA India: What’s New?

If you like GTA games before and you love India then definitely you will like GTA India because it is the best combination for every Indian player, It has realistic graphics and is fun to play.

GTA India: Popular Indian Landmarks

In This GTA For Android Mod, Players can enjoy many famous and popular Indian landmarks like Indian streets, Indian Markets, The Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Mumbai Taj Hotel, Etc, Although the game looks awesome while playing it gives you a feeling of Indian culture. 

GTA India: Clothes, Vehicles, and More

GTA India has Indian Buildings, Indian streets, and Indian elements like the Police Vehicle (Gypsy), Indian traditional clothes, houses, and building textures strongly designed for the Indian audience.

GTA India Download Description

The GTA India Download is a moded version of GTA San Andreas with the location set in Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, and Kolkata, The game features beaches the Arabian sea, and also the British colony in the game you will find old buildings dated back in old time to 1800s.

In-game there are lots of graphics and features but these few examples give a taste of what they will going to experience in the GTA India Game.

GTA India: The Gameplay

GTA India is a tweaked game of GTA San Andreas, Although the assets are unique. The in-game vehicles, walkers, people, and buildings are based on those seen in India.

GTA India Game components and elements are designed to feel that you are in India. The GTA India controls are not changed they are similar to GTA San Andreas.

GTA India: Some Features

  1. Popular Indian Landmarks
  2. Indian Vehicles: Bikes, Cars, and Trucks
  3. Indian Characters
  4. Indian Streets
  5. Indian Markets
  6. Improved Styles
  7. Improved In-Game Experience
  8. New Improved UI
  9. In-Game New and Improved Textures

GTA India Download for Android 

Downloading GTA India is very easy, If you want to download follow these simple steps:

  1. Download GTA India APK and OBB File Given Below In This Article.
  2. Save Them To Your Mobile Phones.
  3. Install The GTA India APK File.
  4. Do Not Open Or Launch The GTA India.
  5. Place The OBB File In The Android – OBB – (Paste The OBB File Here!)
  6. Restart The Phone
  7. Launch The GTA India Game
  8. Enjoy The Incredible GTA India!

GTA India Download Disclaimer

Note: GTA India is a Modded version of the Official GTA Game Download for Android, We always recommended that players download rockstar titles from an official source like Google Play Store and Apple Store. 

Downloading from unofficial sources usually offers extra perks and unlocked characters or In-Game cash, While Also sometimes it includes malware and adware to track user’s devices with any acknowledge.


How To Install GTA India APK and OBB?

Installing GTA India APK and OBB is very simple just like installing any other APK. We have mentioned the installing instructions above in the article please check, If still have any issues simple write in the comment box.

Is It Safe To GTA India Download?

Yes, Downloading GTA India is Safe If You download from a trusted source we always recommended to install the game from the official website it gives developers a penny of amount for their creativity and hard work. 

GTA India Download Size?

GTA India Download size is 2GB, GTA India APK Size is around 50MB and OBB Size is 1.75GB.

How To Download GTA India For Android?

You can download GTA India from Our Website we have steps by steps process for installation.

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