How to Install Chrome OS? | Turn Any PC Into Chromebook In 2022

If you didn’t know that Chrome OS existed before and how to install Chrome OS on PC, now you know. It is a Google-designed operating system that helps your computer system’s performance and battery life run smoothly. 

How To Install Chrome OS
How To Install Chrome OS

Its feature is more minor than Windows 10, but it gives new life to your computer. If you are a parent and concerned about your kids’ online safety, don’t worry because Chrome OS provides you with the feature to set parental control.

Chrome Operating System was designed for and provided official updates for Chromebook users. An open-source model of Chrome OS, Chromium OS, and Chrome OS flex works on any PC. The best part is you can surf and play around with the operating system without installing it. 

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Why Install Chrome OS?

There are some advantages to using Chrome OS, which are as follows:

  • It is the simplest and easiest operating system.
  • Chrome OS will boost your computer’s battery power by over 45% as it is lightweight and uses less processing power.
  • If you own an outdated laptop in one piece, you can bring it back to operate with Chrome OS.
  • The computer opens in less than 6 seconds as Chrome OS takes less space and provides greater efficiency than other operating systems.
  • Chrome OS Works well for basic Computer operations and Internet surfing.
  • This operating system is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

Requirements to install Chrome OS

First, you need USB or flash drives of at least 8 GB of space. Then your computer must have the following things in check:

  • Intel or AMD *86 -64-bit.
  • 16 GB hard drive space
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Access to BIOS settings

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How To Install Chrome OS On Any PC?

We are going to use Chrome OS flex. There are two ways to use Google Chrome flex; one, you run it live through USB drives, and the second, you can install it directly to the drive of your computer. We will talk about the second one here.

This method will clean the Windows, so if you have important files and documents, store them safely in another laptop or Pendrive. 

For this technique, you will need the Chrome browser. Make sure to add the extension ‘Chromebook Recovery Utility.’

How To Install Chrome OS | Utility Tool
How To Install Chrome OS | Chromebook Utility Tool

 To do that, go to extension icons and click on Chromebook Recovery Utility which you installed. The installation box will open. Click on ‘Get Started’.

How To Install Chrome OS

It will offer you the option ‘Select a model from a list.’ Click on that option. 

How To Install Chrome OS

Then you will be given the following option to select the manufacturer and product. Choose the option that says ‘Google Chrome OS flex’ in the manufacturer, and ‘(Developer-Unstable)Chrome OS Flex’ will be the product option. Now click on Continue to move to the further step.

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Make sure you have plugged your USB drive into your computer. You must select SD cards or USB drives to store the OS flex data and files. In this case, choose your USB drive and click on Continue.

How To Install Chrome OS

‘Create a recovery image’ box will open. Select Create now.

How To Install Chrome OS

Finally, the installation process to USB drive/Flash drive will begin. When the setup is complete, you will see the successful installation box.

How To Install Chrome OS

Hereafter, restart your computer and start pressing your computer’s boot menu key. The bottom menu will open, and you must select the OS installed drive.

How To Install Chrome OS

You will see the Chrome logo and be given two options. One will be to install CloudReady, and the next is to try it without installing it. If you select the first option, it will erase every file and data on your computer.

But if you select the second option, you can try Chrome Flex OS without erasing files. When you restart the computer after using the second option, your computer system will revert to the operating system you already had.

Here we select the first option and install CloudReady 2.0 on the drive.

How To Install Chrome OS

After the successful installation, you can use the Chrome Operating System flex on your computer.

How To Install Chrome OS

Chrome OS Flex and Chrome OS Difference

Now when you install Chrome OS flex, it will look like Chromebook. But you will find some differences with Chrome OS. 

The Chrome OS Flex doesn’t support android applications or the Google play store, and it will contain a logo with blue chromium instead of a full-colour chrome logo. You have to install some media components through settings.

Though it won’t change how the system will work except for the lack of a play store, it will look exactly like a standard Chromebook. The apps will work fine, and the computer will operate smoothly and securely.

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What Are The Drawbacks of the Chrome Operating System?

The Chrome OS is simple and lightweight. These are the drawbacks of using Chrome OS:

  • You cannot use photoshop software to edit videos and photos in Chrome OS. It has some online software for simple photo editing.
  • You cannot play Windows and Mac games in this Operating system. You can play android games on Chromebook (which supports Chrome OS) but cannot play on the Chrome Flex Operating system.
  • It takes more RAM usage as the Chrome browser consumes high processing power.
  • Software companies don’t create software for Chrome OS as there are fewer users, and they tend to focus on Windows and Mac, which have many users.


Google Chrome Flex operating system is a simple and efficient operating system. You can bring your old computers back to operate with this OS, and it helps users use Chrome browser features on the operating system. However, photoshop, gaming, and other heavy processing software will not work.

Above is the information on how to install Chrome OS on any computer and turn it into a Chromebook. Remember, you can use it without deleting previous OS and data from your pc using a USB drive or permanently using Chrome OS for your computer.

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