How To Install Google TV Launcher On Any Android TV? (2022)

How to install google tv launcher

If you’re bored with your regular Android TV Interface and want some better brand new Google TV UI on your smart TV then this article is for you. I will tell you the step-by-step process for how to install google tv Launcher on any android tv.

Last year Google announced the new Chromecast after a long time gap the main highlight of the Chromecast is the brand new UI TV User Interface called Google TV and it’s just not an updated android tv UI it’s fully upgraded Interface along with a Home screen to setting and notification panel, Google says that New Google TV Will replace android TV interface in coming years.

New Google TV comes with many new features and it will bring smartphones closer to the big screen don’t wait long. This article gives you in-depth details on how to install google TV launchers on any android Tv.

How to install Google TV launcher.

Before we get started keep in mind your android tv must be running Android 9 or above to install google tv and you will need the latest version of the Google App for Android TV and Google TV APK (Launcher X) to download both APK links are given below.

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Install Google TV on any Android TV

  1. Download both apk’s on your smartphone or computer and send those files to your Android tv.
  1. To send files on tv you will need an app called Send files to TV on both smartphone and Android Tv, it’s the best app to transfer files between mobile and Tv.
How to install google Tv launcher | Send files to Tv
  1. After transferring both apk to android tv, find apk files on your Android tv file manager and install both on your tv.
  1. After Installation opens the play store on android tv and installs Home Screen Launcher for Android TV for free.
Home Screen Launcher For Android TV
Home Screen Launcher For Android TV
  1. After the installation is done, open the home screen for Android TV and it will automatically detect Launcher X which is a Google TV launcher.
Launcher X | Google Tv Launcher
Launcher X | Google Tv Launcher
  1. Click and open it and you will look there is a brand new Google TV interface running on your android tv everything running fine except personalization & Recommendations.
Google Tv Launcher 1

Google Tv Launcher 2

Google Tv Launcher 3

On the first run, the google tv launcher takes approximately 2 minutes to process the new user interface.

Google TV Personalized Card Issue Solve

After Installing done you probably seeing the loading error on the home screen card is because Google Tv is not currently working in India since google only launched this only in US regions. To work this we obviously need a Working VPN to connect TV To US Server. I used Windscribe VPN for android Tv you can use any VPN for android Tv and then connect to the USA Server.

Google Tv Launcher Error

Keep in mind after connecting to the server restart the Launcher and the error is gone now you will see personalized cards based on US regions.

This Trick work until the new Chromecast not officially launched in India or the manufacturer bring updates of Google TV UI.

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Set Default Google TV Launcher on Android TV

If you found Google Tv satisfying and working well for you then you have to set the default on your TV  in order to set default you have to replace Old launcher with a google tv launcher.

  1. First Goto android Tv Setting Menu from the top right corner.
  1. Then Device Preferences -> About -> Build (Tap on built 4 to 5 times until a message says “You Are Now A Developer!”
Android Tv Built
  1. Tap the Back button you will see below the new developer option in the about section.
Developer Option
  1. Under the developer section toggle switch on “Network Debugging”, will enable to send ADB commands to android TV from android mobile and tablets.
Network Debugging On
  1. Next, download and install Remote ADB Shell from google play store.
Remote ADB Shell
  1. Open the Remote ADB Shell App and enters Android Tv IP Address, You can find IP address on Setting -> Device Preferences -> About -> Status -> IP Address. Keep the port number 5555. (make sure both devices connect on the same Wifi network)
Remote AdB Shell
  1.  Tap connect next popup will ask you again click allow and go ahead.
ADB Shell
  1. Now your android smartphone connects with android Tv.

Commands To set default Google Tv Launcher

ADB Shell Command
  1. To uninstall the old android Tv launcher type the below paste the command and hit enter.

pm uninstall –user 0

  1. To disable the android Tv launcher if you don’t want to lose the previous configuration.

pm disable-user –user 0

  1. To reverse the command and reinstall the old android tv launcher 

cmd package install-existing 

  1. Undo Disabling Old Android Tv Launcher.

pm enable

If those commands work you will see a “Success” message on the ADB shell.

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google tv android tv 1

google tv android tv 2

Now click on the home button from your android tv remote it will take you to the default google Tv launcher home.

The redesign setting menu required a firmware update from your manufacturer until then you can enjoy the Google Tv Experience on any android Tv.

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