How To Increase Your Crypto Company’s Ranking on Google in 2022?

With more than 5.6 billion searches performed daily, standing out among this becomes quite intricate. Also, as Google uses about 200 factors to rank content organically, most of which remain undisclosed, ranking higher may seem like a task.

Crypto Ranking On Google
Crypto Ranking On Google

We are not forgetting the burgeoning popularity of the crypto market, which adds to the challenge of attracting the attention of potential clients. 

While this may appear overwhelming, we are here to help your crypto company get to the top of the ranks. Let’s discover how your website can rank higher on Google and what crypto PR agencies do for their clients to get those top pages!

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Does Google Ranking Even Matter?

You shouldn’t be surprised that there are 2 billion users on the internet searching for the answers to their queries. Google attempts to comprehend and rank all content on the internet to provide the best results for each search. 

You can increase the likelihood of your crypto website being displayed as a search result by understanding the different factors Google employs to rank that material in the top 10 search results. 

With only a limited amount of searches available on a web page, this area has become very competitive. If your crypto company does not appear in these search results, another company will gain a new customer, and you will miss a potential lead.

Great Ways to Increase your crypto company’ Google Rankings

While the factors that Google utilizes to rank pages remain unknown, some have been revealed to help drive more traffic and rank higher. 

Let’s consider what steps you can implement to rank higher on Google. 

Get to Know the Algorithm

Google’s algorithm determines whether or not your crypto website ranks on the first page. But with new updates every year (both confirmed and unconfirmed), the exact functioning of their algorithm stays undisclosed. 

However, SEO experts may have unlocked a crucial factor to rank higher- content. When ranking higher on Google, the most important thing you can do for your SEO is deliver original, high-quality content. Along with this comes the need for proper structuring and a good user experience. 

Many use the EAT criteria to ensure that their website’s content reaches their expectations. E-A-T, which stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust, are the ingredients to creating quality and authoritative content for your audience. 

Enhance Your On-Site SEO

On-site, also called on-page SEO, consists of numerous effective SEO tactics that improve your website’s content. The aim is to increase your crypto company’s exposure and drive quality traffic. 

On-site SEO includes strategies such as:

  • Using target keywords
  • Working on improving readability
  • Proper structuring
  • Optimizing visuals
  • Writing compelling Meta Descriptions
  • Using internal links 

These are some of the strategies that deal with the technical side of SEO and focus on upgrading and refining the website internally. 

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Include LSI Keywords 

In simple terms, LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing, and this pertains to using semantic keywords that are relevant and related to your primary keywords. To better understand this, let’s take an example.

If your business was related to clothing, your LSI keywords could be “latest,” “shop online,” “jackets,” or “apparel.” These keywords are interconnected with your primary purpose and keyword to help Google understand that your content is related to it. You will likely rank higher if all your keywords and content are found on your page.

Monitor Your Website

The next thing to do once you are happy with your technical SEO is to monitor if it’s optimized or not. Monitoring your website using various tools will provide you with valuable data regarding the performance of your site and the factors that need improvement. 

The first aspect of monitoring is to check if your website is mobile-friendly. Yes, that’s right. Making a website mobile-friendly has been a primary aim of web designers and SEO experts ever since Google announced its mobile-first indexing. This means that Google would look dominantly at mobiles for indexing and ranking. 

The following action is to monitor your site’s speed. The average loading time of a website is a known ranking factor for Google. Make sure you check your website’s speed with the available free tools online. 

Match the Search Intent

If your content does not match users’ search intent, it will not get ranked. Fulfilling the queries and questions of users is a key to making your content rank well. 

Search intent has four main types- navigational, informational, transactional, and commercial. Your content should not miss the queries of users. If a user types in the query “blockchain,” then they expect to receive information such as:

  • The definition of blockchain
  • How blockchain operates
  • How blockchain is used in various sectors

Ensuring that users don’t go back to the search page and hunt for other sites for information is essential to rank higher. 

Bring down the Bounce Rate

Like the point we just discussed, ensuring that users don’t bounce back to the search results is crucial as it determines that users are unsatisfied with the content. 

This will bring down your rankings. Working on giving users what they are searching for through high-quality content and matching the search intent will significantly improve your bounce rate. 

Focus on Link Building

Link building is a commonly heard buzzword in SEO, but what does it mean? 

Link building, also known as backlinks, refers to hyperlinking internally and externally. Internal linking is the practice of providing links to other website pages. At the same time, external linking is being linked by authoritative websites. 

Backlinks are proven a great SEO technique as they let Google know that your website provides quality content, improving your visibility on the search engine. 

Increase Your CTR

CTR or click-through rate is the number of clicks your links receive. Simply put, the greater your CTR, the better Google will rank you. 

Why may you ask?

This is because CTR is said to affect how Google ranks websites positively. You can achieve this by utilizing emotional headlines and optimizing URLs and snippets. 

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We have reached the end of our list of ways to help your crypto company rank higher on Google. We have gone over various effective tactics, including understanding the algorithm and monitoring your website to help increase visibility and traffic. 

Implement these techniques into your website and keep tracking your results to comprehend which ones work best for you.

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