Samsung Smart Airdresser – Cleans clothes without washing

samsung smart airdresser

The Samsung new product has a smart wardrobe and this is called Samsung Smart AirDresser Now there are a lot of questions about Samsung’s new product.

What does Airdresser do?

How Airdresser is useful?

How does Air dresser work?

What are the Air dressers smart features?

Here all the answers about New Samsung Airdresser, Now there is lot of cool tech in the new samsung product we will discuss one by one.

What Does the AirDresser Do? How is it useful?

The Samsung Airdresser is not a washing machine replacement it doesn’t wash clothes what the samsung airdresser does it sanitizes the clothes cleans them up by removing dust and bad smells and also removes wrinkles.

The airdresser aimed at the clothes that you wear regularly, clothes that you reuse like jackets that you wear quite often and blazers that you wear a lot and you can’t get them clean every day or week, kids clothes or woolen clothes or even your regular clothes like shirts or polo shirts.

The Airdresser has multiple mods like Normal Mod, Sanitisez mod, Heat Pump Drying, Deodorizing Filter, JetSteam, JetAir, Heat Pump etc.

So the normal mode takes around 40 Mins and after it’s done clothes look clean and feel different and there are no dirts or anything and wrinkles from clothes will go.

Samsung Smart Airdresser Features

Jetsteam: The Airdresser will automatically sanitize the clothes and clean an estimated 99% of viruses and bacteria from the clothes. It’s a tool for routine sterilization of clothes and many other features.

AirDresser Amazon D 1500 05
Source: Amazon

JetAir:  The Jetair and JetAir Hangers remove dust from the clothes with only minimal voice and vibrations.

Heat Pump Drying: This Feature Dries clothes from a low temperature and reduces the risk of damage to clothes.

Deodorizing: The word describes them all, basically the deodorizing feature removes from the clothes like sweat, food smells, Tobacco etc and puts fragrance in the clothes and its smell is nice.

AirDresser Amazon D 1500 06
Source: Amazon

You can also control all the features by Samsung’s Smartthing App you can use it remotely controls the Airdresser from your android smartphone and even in Ios devices also.

Samsung has priced the product at 1,10,000 and it will be available soon on Samsung official stores and amazon and flipkart starting december 24.

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