Sandes – Desi Whatsapp Alternative App | How To download Sandes App

After the WhatsApp privacy policy issue and after it people are searching for secure app, there are lots of alternatives apps launched in the market like Elon musk’s Signal App, But Now the Indian government launched our desi WhatsApp alternative app called “Sandes” Yes The Indian Instant Messaging app Tagline Maybe Self Dependent.

Desi WhatsApp alternative app
Sandes app start interface

There were some leaks before about the Sandes app, Developers were working on it for the last 8 months and now the government suddenly launched it today, it’s not available in the play store and may be available in the future.

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How To Download Sandes Desi WhatsApp Alternative app

We can’t compare Sandes With WhatsApp like before we compare FauG with PUBG and downgrade the fame of the Indian Game.

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Download page sandes app

Sandes is a new messaging app while WhatsApp was launched around 12 years before so sandes was the initial stage we can’t compare with the elder one WhatsApp.

Sandes App previously only available for only government employees but now they launched it publicly, App is already listed in Apple App Store but not in Google Play Store but APK is here you can download it by a visit the official website and install like normal Apps.

WhatsApp has one option to register via the phone number and if you are a government employee or you have a .gov email id so you can register by email also.

Sandes App UI

App has a simple minimal user interface and any user can use it without any problems. At the bottom, there are 4 Nav tabs for Chats, Groups, Contacts, and Settings. Overall UI is easy and simple.

Screenshot 2021 02 18 16 52 24 14
Chat screen sandes app


  1. Chats: Sandes has individual chat features you can chat with anyone who is registered with a phone number in sandes App.
  1. Groups: You can Create multiple Groups and messages thereto.
  1. File-Sharing: You can send files to other users like images, video, contacts, documents, and locations also.
  1. Calls: Can make video or audio calls to communicate with others.
  1. Security: All messages and calls are end to end encrypted by default and also before sending messages to others you can tag a message as confidential, priority, or auto-delete.
  1. Chat Tags: If you want to let them know that the message you sent is confidential, or Priority so you can choose them by selecting tags in messages.
  1. Gimoji: App doesn’t have fun or entertain emoji but it has some reputed gimoji for governmental use only.
  1. GIMS Web: Yes, just like WhatsApp web there is also Gims web, you can use the sandes app on the web also, but currently available for government officials.

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Final words

Government Instant Messaging Service (GIMS) Official name Aka. Sandes is a government messaging service just launched for public users, in the early phase the app has so many interesting and working features, the prediction is in the future this app will stable its position after WhatsApp

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