How to Improve Computer Performance? | What is SSD vs HDD? (2021)

Choosing the right storage isn’t meant to compare cost and capacity and if you’re looking to improve computer memory and performance you’re in the right place, in this article we are discussing how to improve computer performance and what is a solid-state drive and hard disk drive also a comparison between SSD vs HDD.

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Many people are frustrated with the computer performance, some have recently bought their laptops and are still facing lower performance, so let’s discuss why? First, let know about storage drives.

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 Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

How to improve computer performance
Source: Trakin Tech

HDD is used for decades in our computers, HDD is data storage that inhabits inside of your computer, It has moving parts inside which spin when we use the computer, Inside the data stored magnetically everything stored in HDD is measured in terms of file size like MB, GB, and TB.

HDDs are old legacy technology they have been longer than SSDs, They are lower in cost and used for storing files, images, video, they are available in two common factors for laptops 2.5 inches and computers 3.5 inches.

  • HDD is for multimedia storage and heavy downloaders if you need more space you can get cheap with hard drives.
  • HDD is cheaper than SSD.
  • These are for general and home uses with normal performance.

Solid State Drives (SSD)

Computer memory
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SSD got their name Solid State because it has no moving parts, in SSDs all data stored in an integrated module. Without the need for spinning disk SSD get the best performance also if accidentally falls your laptop screen broke before the SSD.

Solid State Drive uses flash memory to deliver incredible performance and durability and because SSD has no moving parts it uses less energy.

  • If you want a security SSD is for you, falling from height can’t be damaged easily.
  • Performances, if you want things done now, SSD boot OS quicker than HDD.

SSHD (Solid State Hard Drive)

A solid-state hard drive (SSHD) is a combination of two drive SSD and HDD which help your computer perform better and not much expensive, With the combination of SSD and HDD you can install the operating system and software to SSD drive and other files like video, audio, and other to the hard disk drive.

This combination is most recommended to buy with this SSHD you can get more optimal performance in a budget.

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Types of SSDs


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SATA (serial ATA) SSD is a first-generation disk drive that can reach read/write speed up to 570MB per second, this SSD is 5 times faster than a traditional HDD, SATA is mostly used in personal computers these can boot your computer in 15 seconds also load bigger games within moments.


NVMe (nonvolatile memory express) SSDs allow you to reach a higher speed than SATA SSDs, NVMe SSD can reach read/write speeds up to 2600MB per second, you can extract big Zip files in seconds.

Ssd vs hdd which is best
Source: Trakin Tech

M.2 Connectors

The M.2 connectors make sure to reach a higher speed of reading and writing, this SSD optimal speed is 2600MB Per second when the motherboard doesn’t have an M.2 connector than NVMe is connect via PCIe card that has M.2 connectors, this SSD mostly used in laptop whose motherboard has M.2 and PCIe connectors.


With HDD continuing moving parts makes heat which is I think the failure of a hard disk drive, in the other side SSD doesn’t have moving parts they are more reliable and shock-resistant than a hard disk drive if you accidentally drop your laptop with SSD installed your other parts may damage but SSD not.


The moving parts in the hard disk drive slow your computer down and SSD isn’t just faster than HDD they load big games in a moment and improve booting time.

Ssd vs hdd performance
Source: Trakin Tech

Easier to carry

SSDs weigh less than hard disk drives. They are more mobile-friendly. It makes your laptop lighter and easy to carry.

Ssd hdd difference
Source: Trakin Tech

Power Consumption

Because an SSD has no moving parts it consumes less power than HDD, which means your laptop gets more battery life.

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Source: Crucial

Gaming with SSD

If you’re a gamer you need a drive that accesses data quickly in that case SSD is a better option for gamers with Solid-state drives games will open quicker than ever it also helps to bring the best gaming experience because games a lot of assets to transfer here SSD do his job, you will get fast high-resolution textures and high frame rates, in HDD fails to do those works.

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Final Words

With these above details, you can get which storage drive is better for you SSD vs HDD there is no comparison between those drives some are best in performance, and another cost is cheaper. You can choose which one is the best fit for your computer. I recommend to go with SSHD.

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