Telegram Group Video Call Brings Many New Features

Telegram Group Video Call
Image credit: Telegram Group Video Call

Telegram group video call rollout today with a couple of new updates to its instant messaging platform across all devices, the first major update is the long-awaited group video call and the other is UI design. Telegram, which is one of the popular messaging apps in android, is finally rolling out a new update.

Telegram video calls are limitless. You can add up to 30 participants right now and it will increase soon, So another competitor for zoom and google meet. To start a telegram video call users have to initiate a group voice call and then tap on the camera icon it will automatically place you in a telegram video call.

Telegram Group Video Call Rolling Out.

Video Credit: Telegram

From today’s telegram video call feature rolling out from across devices with group video call telegram also added background noise suppression feature to voice calls, Telegram also offers to turn this off if you want the microphone to capture all the sound.

Telegram group video call has been optimized for both mobile, tablets, and desktop devices. On tablets and desktop with a large split-screen along with the grid view of all video call participants, You can minimize the video call video and can do other things in windows.

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Telegram Screen Sharing.

Video Credit: Telegram

In addition to your video call chat, you can share your screen both at the same time. This is a great productivity feature in this time telegram brings to users to help with instant office meetings or online study.

Telegram Animated Background

Video Credit: Telegram

If we keep video calls aside, Telegram also introduced Animated backgrounds. For the first time in any messaging app, Telegram’s multicolor gradient background wallpaper is generated through an algorithm and moves beautifully whenever you send or receive messages.

If this is not enough, Telegram offers you to create your animated background, choose multi colors to unlock the animation style then add an optional pattern for extra style.

Telegram Message Sending Animation

Video Credit: Telegram

Telegram added more tweaks when you send messages to someone there, a lightweight animation that won’t decrease your battery percentage. Your input text smoothly transforms into a message bubble. It looks convincing.

Telegram App Icons for iOS

Telegram group video call
Image Credit: Telegram

On iOS, there are two new app icons available for the only iOS devices to change goto Settings > Appearances in addition there are two new app icons available with classic blue and black.

Apart from this telegram also includes minor modifications in the bot menu, now users can easily communicate with bots in an additional button that lets you browse and send commands to bots.

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The Sticker bot (@stickers) can help you to create a new sticker pack as well as bring you the usage stats of stickers, now telegram brings you the third-party developer tools to make new custom unique stickers. This update also brings newly animated emojiĀ 

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