High CPC Keywords & Niche

Insurance - $61 CPC

Insurance niche topped the profitable Adsense earning, The Highest CPC goes in this niche or keyword is $61 CPC, You can cover the various Insurance topics such Health Insurance, Car Insurance, Life Insurance. Home Insurance Etc.

Education - $47 CPC

Education niche is the 2nd highest CPC niche or keyword in Adsense, with above $47 CPC revenue. Online education has had a massive boom in the education industry from the last few years, so education currently has high earning potential.

Finance, Investing, & Banking - $32 CPC

According to SEMrush data, the highest CPC in Finance, Investment, and Banking is $32. After the wave of online marketing, banks are invested more money in online banking solutions.

Cryptocurrency - $65 CPC

Cryptocurrency is the future, and it has become a hot topic on the internet; that's why it got a high Adsense CPC with $65. The top cryptocurrencies you can include Bitcoin Ethereum, Binance Coin, Litecoin, Ripple Etc.

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Legal & Lawyer - $42 CPC

The Lawyer & Legal services are essential for personal and businesses; therefore Legal, and Lawyer niche is a goldmine for Adsense revenue.

Home Improvement - $20 CPC

SEMrush reveals the Home & Garden niche in the US/UK has the highest CPC of $20, and Canada gets the CPC of $18. You can cover gardening, remodeling, home improvement loans, etc.

Marketing & Advertising - $28 CPC

Marketing & Advertising is a core element of any business with this product distributed to a massive audience. In this niche, email marketing has a $28 CPC, eCommerce SEO $24, SEO Consultancy $21, and Local SEO has $22 CPC.

Internet & Telecom - $18 CPC

According to SEMRush CPC Map tool, the average CPC for Internet and Telecom niche is $17.85 in the US. Technology has a massive audience on the internet, and with everyday innovation and software launches, you can cover trending topics on it. 

Automobile - $10 CPC

Automobile dealership has the potential to earn high CPC earnings from Adsense. You can combine two niche insurance and automobile to make huge profits.

Top high CPC Countries

United States (US) - Above $50 CPC United Kingdom (UK) - Above $20 CPC Canada - Above $30 CPC Germany - Above $11 CPC United Arab Emirate (UAE) -  $11 CPC Thailand & Switzerland - $6 CPC

Source: Logodownload.com