Top Best Chrome Extensions For Netflix

Picture-in-Picture Extension

With This Chrome Extension For Netflix Watch Any Movies And Series While Doing Other Work, Helpful When You Doing Multitasking.

Netflix Extended

Next Netflix Extension Brings Plenty of Extra Features that Netflix Doesn't have, like Keyboard Shortcuts for the next episode, previous episode, returns etc.

Teleparty Chrome Extension

Watch Movies And Series With Your Friends Without Leaving Your Place. Teleparty Offers You To Binge-Watch Netflix With Friends and Chat During the Movie.

Netflix Categories

Netflix Has a Variety Of Hidden Categories. To Explore Them, You Need To Add Netflix Categories Extension; it Will Show You Around 25K Categories That Netflix Have.

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Netflix AutoSkip

To Avoid interruption Between Your Binge-Watch Like Shows Intro and Outro, You No Need to Skip Manually. With This Extension, It Will Automatically be Skipped.

Video Adjust for Netflix

This Extension Help You Watch Too Dark Movies Easily; it Will Adjust Brightness and Contrast As Per Your Visual Impairment; it Is Very Helpful.

Custom Profile Picture For Netflix

Upload Custom Profile Picture For Netflix and Show Up For Your Friend; if You Are Choosy Like Me, Then You Should Have To Try This Extension.

Language Reactor

If You Are Learning New Language, This Netflix Extension Plays English And Other Prefered Language Subtitles Simultaneously For Better Understanding.