Neat Windows 11 Shortcuts Keys For Incease Productivity

WIndows Keyboard Shortcuts

Are You Using Windows PC’s Regularly, Than These Windows Shortcuts Will Definitely increase Your Productivity.

Win + Shift + S For Screenshots Copy

If you often take screenshots while working then “Win + Shift + S” Is Give You Some Additional Options like: Rectangle, Freeform, Windows And Full Screen Screenshots.

Win + V For Clipboard

This Shortcut is Used to See Your Recent Clipboard History, Which Means What You Copy That include Images, Text, Emojis etc.

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Win + . (Dot) For Emojis

Do you Use Emojis While Typing you dont know how to insert Emojis Then remember This Shortcut Keys “Win + . (Dot)” for Emojis.

Win + Numbers For Quick Taskbar Apps

If you want to open taskbar apps quickly then this shortcut “Win + 1 (Numbers)” will Help you. For Example if your taskbar first app is file explorer then your shortcut key is to open “Win + 1”

Win + D For Minimise All Open Windows

If you want to minimise all your Open Windows Tabs then “Win + D” for Dekstop is Useful.

Win + Alt + R For Instant Screen Recoding

This “Win + Alt + R” Shortcut Instant Start recording a video of your app or game using the Xbox Game Bar.

Win + G For Game Box Bar

“Win + G” Open the Xbox Game Bar. This Shortcut lets you to record videos, take screenshots, and access mixed features while playing a game.

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