Zendaya Pregnant With Tom Holland's Baby?

The Spiderman and Euphoria star Zendaya is world famous now. The Spiderman Movie actor, who is dating Tom Holland, dominated headlines after a Twitter trend, ZENDAYA PREGNANT

Is Zendaya Pregnant?

Is Zendaya Really Pregnant?

A viral trend misleading people on TikTok crossed social media platforms and guided to a wave of memes and jokes on Twitter, with many believing the prank. Zendaya became a trending topic because of the rumour.

Zendaya Pregnant Post?

The fiasco started after a fake TikTok video went viral on the internet. The video showed the actor’s Instagram account posting a pregnant ultrasound post.

Zendaya Trending On Twitter

Tweets openly asking, "Wait, is Zendaya pregnant?" Gained thousands of interactions with Twitter audiences.

Zendaya Pregnancy Truth

Zendaya is not pregnant. Statements say a popular internet meme and You just got Krissed use wrong headlines to get likes and views. The viral TikTok video is a prank, and fans have fallen for it. 

Zendaya Baby Bump

For those who don't know, in January 2022, a morphed image of Zendaya went viral, showing the actress flaunting a baby bump at a red-carpet event.