What is Microsoft Clarity? | Why SEO Needs Microsoft Clarity? (2021)

For all the SEO and Analytics enthusiasts Microsoft released a new free tool last year 2020 for you called “Clarity” We will discuss here what is Microsoft clarity and why SEO needs it?


What is Microsoft clarity?

Clarity is a free analytics tool in this tool you can get exactly what your user is doing on your website without spoiling the user’s privacy.

Clarity records user’s information behaviors about what they are doing, where they click, websites scrolls, etc, and summarises that information and puts it into the form of an analytics dashboard.

It will help you to understand and performance data about your website and provide you data, metrics, click maps, heatmaps will help you make a strategy for your website.

what is microsoft clarity

Key Features

Clarity has 3 features Session Recordings, Heatmaps, Analytics Dashboard all three features are useful and provide owners with meaningful information with sets of filters if you’re familiar with google analytics you will know why filters are useful and beneficial.

1. Heatmaps

Heatmap screenshot: You can see heatmap over on contact page link

One of the key features of clarity it shows the heatmap of the website, it means where the user exactly clicks on your site. It is beneficial as it shows what elements on your page are being clicked.

There are 2 types of heat-maps click-map and scrollmaps, Clickmap shows how users interact with the page and where users interacted the most, Scrollmap basically shows what users want to find on a post or page.

2. Session Recordings

Session Recording: You can see users cursor over on heading section and playback section on the bottom

I like this feature, Microsoft clarity records a screen of users like what they are doing you can exactly see the cursor moving around where they click. You can also pause or play the recording there also a filter option you can choose many types of data.

3. Dashboard

The Dashboard will provide all types of information and analytical data from your websites like Numbers of users, clicks, Death-Clicks, User session, number of users scroll site from top to bottom and find something they want to do.

Why Useful in SEO?

The main SEO goal is to optimize the website for search engines and attract more visitors to your website. You will be able to improve performance by using clarity data for a living with more engagement and leads.

The data in heatmap and session recording will indicate to you which area gets more clicks and interactions you can use this information and make a strategy.

Final Words

Microsoft Clarity available for all you can use by visiting the official page keep in mind Clarity isn’t a replacement for Hotjar and Google Analytics, both tools are doing well and Clarity is a different tool and different features.

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