How to Install Windows 11 on your Windows 10 PC | How to Enroll for Windows Insider Program?

Windows 11 is official now and we already discussed Windows 11 features in our previous blog. The latest version of Windows 11 will roll out later this year on compatible laptops and PCs. The Windows 11 Operating System is now available as a part of the Windows 11 Insider dev channel preview Program eligible system can now enroll for windows insider preview via beta channel or dev channel.

Windows 11 windows insider preview program install windows 11
Image Credit: Windows Insider Blog

What is the Windows Insider Preview Program?

Microsoft allows public users to get an early build of the Windows operating system as they can help to find out bugs and issues with the build. The preview build is only for those who are ready for instability on their system, Installing preview builds on a user’s primary laptop or pc is not recommended.

What is the Dev Channel in the Insider Preview Program?

Dev channel is aimed at developers who want to build an app and test app or software for windows early operating systems, Dev channel is the earliest built before the public beta build may have some major bugs and instability to backup your data before installing.

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The beta channel is more stable than the Dev channel, This channel is for an early adapter and Microsoft recommends users install the beta version of their system. The beta is more stable and close to the final version.

How to Enroll in the Windows Insider Program?

Now you know about the windows insider dev channel and beta channel, why are they used for, let’s begin to enroll in the Windows Insider program.

  • Open Windows Settings on your Windows 10 System.
  • Goto Under Updates and Security Setting.
  • Look for the Windows Insider Program from the bottom of the list.
  • Tap on the get started button.
  • Link your account in the popup menu.
  • Now choose the earliest built for windows 11 (Dev channel for early windows 11 built)
  • Once done you’ll be enrolled in the windows 11 insider program.

Install Windows 11 Developer built on your system.

With the above steps, you’ll be able to get early builds for the windows 11 insider program, You’ll not get the windows 11 update yet windows announced that updates for the windows 11 insider program will start in a few days. Once the update is available a window will ask for you to download the update. 

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You can also check for the update in setting > update and security > Windows update and click on the check for update. Once an update is available download and install the windows 11 insider preview built.

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