Windows 11: Next Version of Windows is here | How to download Windows 11

The next version of windows is here yes you hear that right! Microsoft Windows 11 operating system has leaked online today after the previous screenshots now full Windows 11 ISO file appeared online we discuss later how to download window 11, This version has come with new user interface, start menu, widgets and many more. 

Microsoft is ready to announce the next version of Windows 11 on June 24 but before the launch, the alpha build of windows 11 already launch and we already know what’s new and whats will come in the upcoming Windows 11 stable release, We can expect the stable release of the operating system from later this year hopefully in November, Before stable release there maybe beta release for everyone.

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Windows 11 Features: Whats new in Windows 11

New Windows 11 User interface

Microsoft Windows comes with a new user interface it’s a very neat and clean interface from the earlier version of windows I like the Interface.

Windows 11
Windows 11 User Interface

New Windows 11 Start Menu

Start Menu is revamped with a rounded corner and slick new design and now the start menu will appear center of the windows, which focus on apps and files you can customize the app icon drag where you want.

New Windows 11 Wallpapers

There are new Windows 11 wallpapers were come with dark mode wallpaper you can download all wallpapers from here.

img101 scaled
win11 wallpaper
win11 wallpaper
win11 wallpaper

New Windows 11 Animations

There is a bunch of cool animation when you open or close the windows or hover the cursor on the taskbar it’s pretty amazing.

Windows 11 Animation

New Taskbar

The taskbar is revamped in the center but you can change it to the left or center of the screen.

Windows 11 Taskbar
Windows 11 Taskbar

Dedicated Icons

Windows 11 has new icons in file explorer for now.

Windows 11 Icons
Windows 11 Icons

New Windows 11 Startup Sound

Yeah, there is a new startup and another bunch of new sounds too.

Windows 11 Startup Sound

New Windows 11 Widget

Now widgets are everywhere first in android than iOS officially in windows 11, widgets come with tones of story news from the globe and pretty system widget from now more will come in the future.

Windows 11 Widgets
Windows 11 Widgets

Windows Snap

If you want to use multiple apps at the same time there is a feature called windows snap there is a tiles option where you want to place the app.

Win 11 Snap Feature
Windows 11 Snap Source Beebom

Keep in mind this in the very earlier version of Microsoft Windows 11 there are bugs to more features that will add in the future build some maybe remove or change in the final build.

Action Center

There is also a revamped and clean design action for notification and quick menu tiles.

Windows 11 Action Center
Windows 11 Action Center

Dark Mode

Dark mode is here most loved dark mode is now available in windows 11 natively.

Windows 11 Dark Mode
Windows 11 Dark Mode

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How to Download Windows 11?

Yesterday windows 11 leaked online were managed to get an ISO installation file for the same you can download from Gdrive if it’s not working can try on mirror link on the other hand we have an uploaded on MEGA  keep note ISO file size above 3GB after you download 3GB Mega will ask you to pay so please keep that noted.

Installing Windows 11

Note: Downloading and installing windows 11 is a leaked version this hasn’t officially from Microsoft, so it may not have all features or have major bugs this can make your computer unusable, please try at your own risk.

Windows 11 is a 64-bit version so unfortunately it can’t be installed on the existing 32-bit version of Windows 10 computers. 

Create Bootable flash drive

  1. Rufus is the software which is a great software to make a bootable flash drive first of all you need to download and install Rufus free and install it on your computer.
  1. Now click on the SELECT button and locate Windows 11 ISO file.
  1. Select your connected USB device under the device section and click start.

Installing Windows 11 On PC/Laptop

  1. Step first you need to restart your computer on the boot menu by continuously clicking the boot key (F11, F9, F8, or F7) usually these are the boot key.
  1. Step two, Now select the boot from the USB drive from the boot menu.
  1. Step three, Now Windows 11 Installation wizard will appear on the screen, select your language, time, and keyboard, and done next.
Windows 11 Install
  1. Step four, On the next window click, Install Now.
Windows 11 Install
  1. Next Step, Click on I don’t have a product key and then select Windows 11 Edition.
  1. On the next screen, click Custom Installation (If you want to do disc partition)  or Click Upgrade if you want to keep files, settings, application as it is.
Custom Install
  1. Select your disc partition and click Next.
Disk Partition
  1. Windows will start installing on your system wait a few minutes (in this process your computer will restart multiple times)
Windows Installing
  1. After installation complete, you will you Windows 11 Setup menu. (follow the instruction and finish setup)
Windows 11 Setup Process
  1. Once Done, Wait few minutes windows will make the changes you have selected.

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Window 11 Unstalled
Windows 11 About
Windows 11 About

Once Done, Windows 11 is fully installed on your PC/laptop that’s it! Now you can enjoy the upcoming windows 11 on your computer early.

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