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Tech enthusiasts and Geek Lover, We Greet Yourself have an excellent opportunity for writers.

We are looking for contributors to our Greet Yourself Website [people enthusiastic about Technology, Geeks, Digital marketing, Social media, Online Brand Management, ORM, Android, Guides and Tips and Tricks]. Write to us.

Write for us | Guest Post Guidelines 

  1. The article must be helpful for readers; it should answer the reader’s questions and curiosity.
  2. The article must be related to the website niche, i.e., technology, android, gadgets, tips and tricks, web stories, entertainment, Windows, iOS, Linux, Blockchain, Etc.
  3. The article must be of good quality and plagiarism-free.
  4. Topics we are looking to Technology, Tech Reviews, Hacks, Android apps, Gadgets, IoT, Tips & Tricks, Digital marketing, SEO, Guides, Etc.
  5. I was hoping you could mail me your topic pitches at solankijay01@gmail.com, thejayant@greetyourself.in.
  6. The article must be a minimum of 1000+ words, well written.
  7. The post should be SEO Optimized (proper use of heading tags)
  8. Send your draft as. DOCX or DOCS Formats or Google Drive Link.
  9. One Dofollow link allows in the article.
  10. Put keywords in a natural form, not just for link building.
  11. Send post images as an attachment; send a youtube video link if any.
  12. We will recheck the article for any grammatical or plagiarism issues; you can rewrite if any problem is found.

Greet Yourself is a google news approved blog website getting 2.5K above organic traffic.

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For any further assistance or confusion mail me at solankijay01@gmail.com , thejayant@greetyourself.in

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